As always, the Liberals drove progress and managed the economy well, but there were headwinds

First, progress

As Canadians go to vote, keep the bigger picture in mind

Soros’ perspective is a victim of his great efforts in Europe to bring democracy to former Soviet Bloc countries

If an election is a performance evaluation of a leader, Trudeau passes with good grades

Retrenching to nationalism would be bad for the environment and humanity

Global trade routes
Global trade routes
Global trade routes

Sixty years of taking the wide gate and broad path are catching up to the once truly Grand Old Party

That they tend to cluster in center and center-left parties at present is not surprising

Proposed hydrogen project to cost $1.3 billion of tax payers’ money for greenwashing

Exploring pumped hydro opportunities in Kenya with a local energy professional

While history doesn’t repeat, merely rhymes, SMRs are rhyming hard

Michael Barnard

Chief Strategist, TFIE Strategy Inc. Business and technical future-proofing. Top Writer Quora since 2013. CleanTechnica, Forbes, Quartz+ more. In 4 books.

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